Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I've no idea why, but I woke up with this Band song, Daniel and the Sacred Harp, playing in my head. Now, this is a bit of an obscure song for all but the deeply schooled Band fans, and it has not been a particular favorite of mine. Daniel, Daniel and the Sacred Harp/dancing in the clover. Turns out Robbie Robertson was a pretty darn good songwriter. (Daniel and The Sacred Harp)

Rain today. I suppose that is at least a change from the merely grey. But is is dark in the front of the house in the morning.


Writing this blog is not coming easily, or at least the impetus to do it. I feel as if I had lost my voice here at bit. I am still floundering around. I did the editing/consulting work I was supposed to do today but did not make measurable progress on the other issues. Feeling kind of down and crappy this morning, uninspired to do much, I left for Trader Joe's early. Well, the rain didn't help traffic at all, however, TJ's was so nice and quiet AND it was relatively easy to park. So that was a task completed.

In my procrastination, I have started cleaning up my computer. My downloads files are a mess. I have lots of music that has been sent to me that has not made it into iTunes, so I started importing that and organizing the playlists. And that led to me to my mail downloads where I had all sorts of documents from old jobs that ended up reminding me of what I had done at the last couple of job which is exactly what I need to write on my resume. So there. I did some important key research that will help me incorporate. For now, I will give myself this one.

Did some other psychic work with a couple of my counselors. That ended up kind of trashing me for the rest of the day. I didn't go out a get a flower, though. Hmmm.... Tomorrow morning. For now, this one will do.


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  2. It's always seemed to me that "Daniel and the Sacred Harp" is of a piece with "Stage Fright" -- two songs about a Faustian bargain to get into show biz. (Of course, Robertson was said to have literal stage fright as well, alleviated by a hypnotist.) They're wonderful evocations of how disturbing it might be to be famous, on a par with "A Hard Day's Night" (the movie), which captures how much less fun Beatlemania was for the Beatles than it was for their fans.

  3. certainly obscure for the shallowly schooled band fan that I am. I learned a lot about them by listening to music and reading articles when Levon Helm died. I had not even heard this song before, so thanks for posting it.
    It is indeed helpful to keep track of work one has done. Too often I prepare a lesson or test or visual and find I have done the exact same thing the year before. Wasted effort, but then one has thereby the illusion of doing it for the first time. I am so in awe of the things you have accomplished that I can't express it, and I usually find expression easy.