Thursday, May 3, 2012


Let's see if I can get back into this. Meanwhile, thank you for all of your sweet and encouraging comments and some extra "kudos" from a old friend.

The trees are almost in full leaf which means the birds are back at it in full force. Having windows at tree branch level is great for bird watching. Emmylou sits in the window with all the concentration and rapt attention of a '50s child seeing Howdy Doody when television was new. The other morning I woke up in Brewster, New York (about 50 miles north of here, near the Connecticut border) and I noticed I was hearing different birds. I have no idea, of course, what birds (besides the ubiquitous pigeons) are here or there, but the song was not the same.

I have no idea why, but I have Baby, I Love You is my morning theme song. I love the horns, particularly the tenor sax, King Curtis and Charlie Chalmers. Check it out.

I need to get back to work this morning.

Later that same day.

Okay then. I did get some work done on the resume re-write, I did reach out to folks with whom I had not been in touch AND I even went to my book group even though I was so challenged these past weeks that I did not read the book. I had planned on not going, but realizing I was unlikely to get much more work done as well as knowing that I do not know how many more times I would even be around, I made the effort. And I had read enough of the book to contribute.

Much more to be done. And if you can't take the first step, take the second, right?


  1. My breath comes more easily having read you here, Sally Anne.

  2. Yay! Blog posts return! Sending good vibes your way.

  3. Sally Anne: Glad you're sending yr. posts out again. I don't always read them in a timely manner, but I do miss them (& hope you're OK) when they don't come. I enjoy hearing your perspective on life, from the other coast.