Saturday, May 5, 2012


One should likely not be inordinately proud of achieving basic reasonably maintenance of things, yet I do feel some prideful relief. I had not backed up this computer (the desktop) in about a year. Today, I had enough scratch to purchase an inexpensive terabyte hard drive and backed it up, which took several hours. I am surprised at my feelings of relief and accomplishment. Low standards, Sally Anne, low standards.

Not much else to report. I was so agitated by that regrettably bad play and perhaps by being out later than usual, that I could not sleep. I did essay to woo Morpheus without benefit of any drugs, so that likely added to my inability to sleep. That and the lunatics on the street ALL night. Yes, lunatics is correct; gearing up for tonight's full moon.

The sleep deprivation led to kind of a lost day for me. As John was out of town, I went upstairs to hang out with Melinda. I made her pasta with parmesan and butter which was too indulgent for John's tastes, but I knew Melinda would cotton right to it. We watched the first two episodes of Veep, which I highly recommend.

And now I think I will seek out some sleeping medication to insure that I do rest. Must re-write resume. Must re-write resume. All else takes lower precedence. Why do we have such resistance to these things. There must be a better way. I mean, can't we make resumes passe? Or is that what websites are all about.

Here are some pictures:

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