Sunday, March 25, 2012


Whew. Today did not go as planned. I had thought I would have lots of time to work on a variety of  important things, but all I have done, all day, is mess around with my laptop. I had to clear off 26 gigs of music in order to back up my iPhone which needs the new IOs ... oh this is fascinating.

I'm tired. I'm cranky. And I have a few miles to go before I sleep.

But! Maybe just but! Just maybe but! I will feel accomplished! And I will sleep better than I did last night. And I will wake up full of optimism and enthusiasm, well slept and ready to face the week.

Cooder and Emmy are sitting nearby, both of them gently switching their tails as if they are idling their motors. What do they think they are getting up to?

I did finally find my missing winter shoe (not that I need it so much now) in a place I thought I had looked. I mean, it was an obvious place for it to be, so I cannot imagine I did not look there, although I suppose I could imagine that I did.

I'm losing what little clarity I might have had. I need to sleep.

Yesterday was not so good. Very down. Very blue. I read most of the day, which I suppose is better than engineering self-destruction. Today might have been a little better. I even got one of the B's to take a walk with me late this afternoon as I had not been out of the house in more than 24 hours.

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