Saturday, March 17, 2012


I know the signal is preternaturally quiet from this place. Often that is a sign of despair. Given that despair is readily reasonable and available, I am working to avoid it by largely being out of the house. It was very grey and rainy yesterday and that worked hard against the chipper-rooney. I saw a show of Renaissance Portraits at the Met with Louise.

Today and tomorrow, I am working with one of the Bs at Will Shortz' Crossword Puzzle Competition as a monitor. Make a small amount of money, but that's how she rolls these days.


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  1. A monitor at Crossword Puzzle Land, my mother will be thrilled, since she is a total addict. She and my father still go to war over the Sunday puzzle, and she complains at his arrogance at doing puzzle in ink. If he can do that at age 90, why not?