Sunday, March 11, 2012


Department of Cognitive Dissonance:

Here I am kind of cold in my apartment, putting a sweater on and off. I think it's cold. Must find cell phone to check weather. And then, I hear the ice cream truck trundling the street, pealing out some bell melody. Ice cream truck? Ice cream, that I get. Ice cream truck? Now that seems a bit early.

Saturday, almost Sunday, almost daylight savings time.

Did I write that yesterday? Things are a bit of a blur. Maybe that's okay. (Even if it isn't okay, it is as it is.) Just floating at this minute.

As the car was not required by my auto sharing partners, I decided to take a quick run up to Rhinebeck, not for work, but just to be somewhere else. I find that my internal scripts stay the same, and, as they are not all that good at the moment, perhaps a change of venue might allow for some new dialog or stage direction.

Erik, Louise, and I are quite companionable. We mostly sat working and watching movies. Louise had a screener of The Descendants, which we all ended up liking. Then we, mostly me, watched In the Loop, which is pretty much guaranteed to make me laugh hysterically. (I have no control when I see it or Shakes the Clown.) But Erik and Louise laughed, too.

Jupiter and Venus were bright in the sky tonight. We could see parts of the Milky Way and Orion's belt. And that's something you don't see every day, although, as I understand it, those stars, those planets are out there, up there.

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  1. The descendants was a pleasant movie, but I'm of mixed feelings about it. The author of the book is also a pleasant person, the stepdaughter of a former surfer and republican senator and the daughter of a Hawaiian Punahou student and the adopted daughter of a missionary descendant. She writes of what she knows, but of course unlike in the movie, the Wilcox descendants sold out to Steve Case. Nonetheless, I always like seeing George Clooney, and the Bridges boy gives a bit of a Kama'ina feel. I like that they had slack key in it.