Thursday, March 22, 2012


Until today I had not really considered a job as a consumable, a commodity, something that some have and some don't. Something to be acquired. I had a whole other mental direction, a different take,  on work, on jobs. I thought it was something everyone, the general everyone, had or did. Of course not EVERYBODY had one, some didn't like theirs, etc. But looking for work on the internet is so impersonal. Talk about pissing into the wind. Yikes.

I don't know where this "consumer" mentality came from. Guess I will have to continue to brood over it.

This is from the Poem of the Week (274!) I sent this week.

The woman washed up on shore. No one could identify her. As
her body lolled back and forth in the tide, no one could tell if she was
arriving or departing.   

from Pears - Morton Marcus

I feel a bit like this.

At least it was sunny today. I was out, but so depressed or emotional than I can scarcely remember it.

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