Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Foghorn day again. And no lightness of "leghorn" ... I was chatting with one of the B's about the weather. She said she did not mind the grey. I just find it extra oppressive when I am already down and struggling.

I just cannot get awake today. I did an early bedtime and was out of bed sometime near 7, although I did turn off the alarm a couple of times. I didn't want to do anything from the moment I hit consciousness.

But I did anyway. I drove to the post office to mail out the last two eBay items. (I didn't have the energy to post anything this week.) And then I went to the happiest place on Earth, Trader Joe's, for some groceries. It was so easy to park at 9:15 I thought something was wrong.

I had to drive around a lot to find a place to park in this hood. 10:30 in the morning is not a time a lot of people are coming and going. I had to settle for a Friday spot when I was hoping for a Tuesday. Then I wouldn't have had to worry about driving any more this week. Oh well, there are larger tragedies in life.

The trees are blooming. It's almost as if they explode. One day nekkid, the next sashaying above with blossoms galore. I didn't even see these trees go through the budding stage. With all that burstingness, it is hard to stay glum. But I manage.

And then I came home and kind of floated through the rest of the day. Starting your day early means you can fool around or space out more and still have time to actually get things done. I took a nap, but some part of me is still asleep.

So, here at 7:10, I am still trying to be productive. I stole Cooder's chair though and I can hear her on the desk, probably waiting for me to get out of the seat she wants.

This is what Cooder looks like when she sits on me during nap time. She wants lots of petting. Then she usually leaves.

I did do some work today. And I did finally vacuum the carpet in the front room and the office area. That had been a long time coming. I found a dessicated palmetto bug or something. I could have photographed it, but I cleaned it up instead. Dishes done. Ironing started. I even found the car insurance renewel so that I am driving around with the right papers.

Then again, I'll be driving around with an expired driver's license soon. It cost $80 to renew and it seems as if there are no options. At least that's what I think the form said. Best I get around to checking it out again.

Getting to be past my virtuous bed time. I wanted to take a bath and read, but that will be very late. Another night, soon. I have to be careful not to bathe, take baths, that is, during the day as I go into slower mode. For now, just washed face and brushed teeth, and maybe a little bit of reading or another episode of Portlandia.

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  1. It must be pretty disturbing to have those Brooklyn trees sashaying about, as if you're in Dunsanaine. I like my trees stationary, myself.