Thursday, March 8, 2012


Write first, clean later, right? Well, Cooder and Emmy are pretty sure it is cat attention first, whatever later. Cooder feels that perhaps if the sun is going to come out, she'll bask on the table for a spell.

And not to dwell nor over-analyze my situation, but the sharp contrast between terror and relief is exhausting. Wait. Isn't that a basic tenet of torture? Mind you, I am not suggesting that I am being tortured or that on a relative world scale, I am among the utterly unfortunate, just that a bit of sustained respite is eluding me at the moment.

A morning short, that's all this is.

I'll leave you with this quip from a poem by James Richardson which I will likely reveal in full:

"What is more yours than what always holds you back?"

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  1. Have you written your entertainment industry memoirs yet? suggested titles: The Blob and me, Tom et Moi, Still Life with Cats.