Saturday, March 1, 2014


It's noon and I am still nightie-clad. But it Saturday and perhaps I can relax my standards a bit today? As I decided to stay put instead of going to Brooklyn, it feels like uncommitted time, which is not say that there are not projects still gnawing and nagging, I thought to slow down a bit. (Someone says, "Check her for breath!") 

So, I allowed myself THREE cups of coffee (instead of two), and I climbed back into bed in the sunny window beside Cooder and I just read. I know I talk about books all the time, but it occurred to me that I spend more time looking for things to read than actually reading them. I have a potboiler mystery, The Yard, and I am just relaxing along with it, reading for pleasure. I am an aspirational reader, as you all know, and I have another volume of Proust to get started on for this month's group, but I haven't really thought about reading for pleasure and not for some (self imposed) assignment. 

I know it should't be such a source of pride for me, but I FINALLY GOT MY PRINTER WORKING. It's only been since November of 2012, you know. Lame perhaps, but I did accomplish that one thing this week (there was more, really).

So, having started this, I am going to get dressed, make my bed, and go back to reading. Catch you in a bit.

Wow. I really did no work today, which is pretty rare for me. The extent of my productivity was printing out some recipes and finishing a book. How lovely and glorious to just do nothing. Cooder, in particular, enjoyed my lounging about on the bed with her. 

I should have gone for a walk as the weather was dry if cold, but I didn't even do that. I suppose I will have to brave the elements for exercise early in the day tomorrow.

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