Friday, March 28, 2014


Well, here you go for anomalous weirdness, I have the theme song from Camelot running through my head. I think it's this, 

A law was made a distant moon ago here:
July and August cannot be too hot.
And there's a legal limit to the snow here
In Camelot.
The winter is forbidden till December
And exits March the second on the dot.

because, as you know, this is not happening here ... It.Is.VERY.cold. 

The next morning.

Evidently, today in 1912, the first cherry trees were planted in Washington, D.C. And it is/was Gloria Swanson's birthday too. (Later in the day, PAS sent me a Sarah Vaughn b-day card. I share a birthday with some good chicks.)

Now back on the bus to the city. I'll spend the night in Brooklyn. The plan is to have dinner with B1 for my birthday. John and Melinda may join us. Pizza or sushi? That seems far less important than having a productive day. 

Life puts a person in some strange places. I'd a never thunk I'd be commuting on the L.I.E into Manhattan. 

Did I mention my tristesse at leaving Mary's house soon? Cooder and Emmylou so enjoy the space, sun, and quiet. Emmy is having some adjustment issues with me being suddenly gone so much. And last night, when I finally got home, I had work to do before I rushed off to bed. She kept putting her paws (and sometimes her claws) on me as I was working, wanting some attention. 

And slowing down seems to be my current lesson, area of focus. The anxiety and general acceleration of getting this project delivered seems into consciousness and the un ... and the next thing you know, careless mistakes are being made that a minute or so more of calm action would have prevented. 

So there's my practice. Slow down, listen to the situation and not the anxiety and pressure, respond don't react, and take the time to do it right

Somebody's doin' it right.

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