Tuesday, March 11, 2014


First day on the job ... and very intense already. The above title is taken out of context from one of the documents I am reviewing.

So, this will be very short tonight. I'm ... overwhelmed, but in a good way. My brain is going at 100 miles a minute and I do need to get to sleep so that I can get up and get an early train to Brooklyn to meet the production crew.

Meanwhile, me being me, feels some tinge of sadness that the more pleasant days of solitude and cat communion are (really thankfully) behind me for the moment. I just want to honor the positive parts. And look around the dear house of Volny. Emmylou has become quite taken with the basement and I am sure she will miss that. 

Lots to think about. I will make no assumptions about practical bugs.

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  1. Yes I do get far too much satisfaction out of being a hermit and resent having (for example) to make a deadline once a week. I enjoy being able to say... for example .... I will spend all day reading this book. If only the fools had given us a lot of money as we deserve then we could read our book and fly to Rome at the same time,.