Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So, day two in the new adventure. I am on the train, finally, heading down to the production studio that is at the old Brooklyn Navy Yard. It is hours later than I had hoped to get to the studio, but it was one of those mornings.

Already it is interesting how much I have to refocus and get back into my body. This is a very fast schedule and I have a lot to absorb and think about, particularly since I have been living in my own private Idaho for a while now. This morning, I could not find my car keys and thus missed a train. I looked high and low, under the car, in the trash, in my overnight, in the couch cushions. And where were they? In the coat pocket of the last coat I had worn. It is a testament to my being rattled that it took a good twenty minutes for me to think about that possibility. And that I would think about the trash and the couch first?

Quick update from the Center for Tiredness, as I am about to head out to a bar to troll for workers (it's a software meet-up). It's very intense and very fun, although I think I am going to work like a dog. I haven't done this kind of work in a long time so it is a fun refresher. Here's the studio, at the old Navy Yard where I believe my father may have been stationed. Okay. Check with you soon.

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  1. They have been talking about using the Navy Yard for production since the mid 1990s and possibly before.