Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Listen to this.

Yes, back in the world of good intentions I was going to take a walk today as, although there is some fresh snow on the ground, it is dry. But it is also four degrees out there and a short walk to the post box convinced me that maybe I would not be successful at being out for even twenty minutes. 

Two days later.

I don't want to be so far out of this habit. I feel as if I am betraying someone or something. I will say that I am slightly spaced out and not as grounded as I would prefer. My narrative thread has been somewhat frazzled.

The weather has been clement enough for walks. I have broken up my days with post office perambulations. The cold is bracing rather than biting. And today, it was warm and dry enough to wear regular shoes instead of boots. 

For the moment, I will just say that things are moving along in a positive direction. Might have some work. Remains to be seen. But I have a bunch of errands to run tomorrow and I need to be out of the house early and I have already staid up too late listening to Coursera lectures on The Music of the Beatles.

Here are some snaps of Cooder enjoying some catnip.

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