Sunday, September 30, 2012


Yesterday was quite exhausting. I was on the go from the time I posted until around midnight. After my fun Saturday night in Seattle, I came home to clean up the debris of the day (more soon on that) and ended up watching NCIS because that was what was on. After two episodes, I was heading into the third when I realized I was on the verge of falling back into pre-employment-stay-up-as-late-as-you-want behvior. I did the better thing and went to bed.

Having been on tight financial rations for awhile, I did have some significant wardrobe needs. That, and wanting to buy some inexpensive bedding at Ikea had me secure another Zipcar as previously chronicled. (See map.) Not really as far as it might appear. Especially when you are powered by a Top Pot 16 oz latte and a maple cake doughnut. I had to throw some of the doughnut out the car window (it's biodegradable) so that I wouldn't wolf down the whole thing. Just on prinicple. I've got to stay away from those and the Serious Pie croissants which might be the best I have ever had in my life. On the other hand, I didn't eat for many hours yesterday, so it was likely good to have had something.

Okay, I digress. ("Gee, really?") I know I should not have been surprised to see that the general landscape while driving down the freeway looked just like my vague notions of the Pacific Northwest but I was and it did. More pine (or some evergreen-y) trees mixed in with maples and whatnot actually turning color. (See, M? I am not wholly deprived of fall color.) Ikea was Ikea except that real estate does not preclude horizontal expansion here, so there was only one floor. And the Ikea shoppers are just like Ikea shoppers wherever: slow, indecisive, and possible prone to recieving alien orders in the middle of the aisle, causing them to stop in their tracks. And they were dressed mostly in clothes from Eddie Bauer and Columbia Sportwear. (Just sayin', ain't neither Brooklyn, Elizabeth, nor Glendale.) This Ikea had NO CHECK OUT CLERKS. That's right, all scan it yourself, at least at that time of day (fairly quiet). Cutting more costs!

Okay, so I found a mall (look up to Bellevue on that map) to find a TJ Maxx because I knew I would be able to find a whole bunch of little items (good balsamic at a cheap price, underwear, coats, etc.) all at the same place. Given the number of coats I actually own (B, stop laughing or grimacing!) it seemed wrong to be shopping for another one. (Ironically, I was near a town called Newcastle, the main drag of which is Coal Creek. I kid you now.) But I didn't bring one with me. (Not really sure why except that I didn't want to carry one.) So, I found a nice Ralph Lauren waterproof down jacket for $50, and a London Fog raincoat (locals tell me I need both). I found other stuff I needed (repeat: needed. I did a reality check on items asking if I needed it NYC.) and headed out in exhaustion (now at hour four of shopping).

Why am I telling you all of this? Caffeine kicking in and I'm just feeling chatty? Heading to the freeway, I saw a sign that said "Wide Shoes." Many of you do not know this, but wide feet have been one of the banes of my existence for my entire life. One of my friends once asked me how I stood on my feet as they were oversquare. (He was, for a time, a professional race car driver). Though I was near to dropping and still a-ways from home base, I thought I should not pass up this opportunity. Shoe heaven for me!!! Whoppee! I don't think a shoe had felt so good on my foot since I bought some bitchen Arche shoes in Paris after the Olympics ... 1992 kids. Very cute. Very comfortable. Strappy low heels that are waterproof? Hello, gorgeous!

Look, lots more running around, trying to get legally parked and then upstairs with all my stuff, doing laundry, going to a new Trader Joe's, where I got a new angle on the Space Needle.

I could keep prattling, but I realize I am on a caffeine and exhaustion high, so I should make like Cooder and crash out some some.

But I need to share one more photo. I stopped by a Safeway as there was parking and I thought I might be able to buy some SOS or Brillo pads and a couple of other items not carried in delis, speciality groceries, or Trader Joe's. Think again. But check this out. They are so crazy about coffee here, the grocery store trolleys have coffee holders. I thought this was hilarious.

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