Tuesday, September 4, 2012


1) How can it already be 11:25 a.m.? Time seems to burn like a wildfire. I was up and relatively at 'em before 8 and somehow not enough has been accomplished. Already. Plus, I am hungry and that gets in the way of me making a lot of sense.

2) Already getting to be Fall here. Noticeably cooler. Overcast today.

3) My first thought upon consciousness was "Saigon. Shit. I'm still only in Saigon." Meaning not that where I am is unpleasant, but that I am not making enough progress in resolving the bigger issues of my life and every morning I have to will myself into figuring out the right action.

4) Today is the first anniversary of Emmylou Irene Patsy Clownpaws in my life. And while I miss Miep and can scarcely bear to look at a photo of her, I feel lucky and blessed to have such an excellent young cat as my companion for the next ten or so years. Cooder is wonderful as well, but she is 14 and cannot reasonably be expected to be around for that much longer ... 2 - 4 years? ... I needn't dwell on that, but I can be happy to have Emmy. She even spooned me during a nap yesterday and that is new behavior for her. Kittens are great, but older cats are even better. She is on the floor, keeping watch, as I work here. However, I doubt that it will be long before she conks out, stretched in an adorable way.

I have other tidbits and photos to add but I need to finish some tasks so that will have to wait until tonight.

Meanwhile, here are some flowers near the Brewster House where I attended the Village of Brewster First Annual Food and Film Festival.

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