Monday, September 24, 2012


I think I learned when the bars closed here in Seattle. There was about an hour, I think about 4 am, where there was bedlam in the streets. I suppose this will get tiring, but, at this point, I found it amusing and reassuring. If I had any questions about the liveliness of the neighborhood, they have been put to rest.

I am in a studio apartment, temporary corporate housing, in a gentrifying neighborhood called Belltown. The Space Needle is quite nearby which is always fun to see. It isn't that large and one wonders why such a big deal was made of it. Who knew that when it was built in 1962 it was the tallest structure west of the Mississippi?

I really have no excuse for not writing a long and lively post today. I realized this morning that i had left my cell phone charger in the Zipcar. Dismayed at the prospect of having lost something and having to spend money to replace it, I thought to go online and see if the zipcar, which is known as Clean, was available this morning. As it was, I secured it for a few hours as I had some errands to run at any rate. 

The bank, Trader Joe's, and a bit of an exploratory drive around the Capitol Hill area of Seattle were interesting. Before I even got in the car, I, of course, wandered over to Top Pot Doughnuts for a latte. Parts of Seattle remind me of Park Slope in some ways, or maybe I am just projecting due to some homesickness.

Mind you, I do not espouse eating doughnuts regularly, but these are kind of hard to resist. Anything relating to maple, which clearly includes maple bars, sing a loud and persuasive siren song to me.

When I went in yesterday, Saturday, about 12:45 We Got The Beat by the Go-go's was playing. I haven't heard that song for ages and it was one of my favorites back in the day. And now I can't remember what the next song was, but it was good. And it was good that it was good as the barista kind of forgot my order and started chatting with a friend. I spent a few minutes bopping around to the music and being patient before I approached the coffee machine.

People are extra nice here. The barista apologized all over the place and gave me a free doughnut. Imagine that kind of service at a Manhattan Rite-Aid or Duane Reed where you cannot get the cashiers to get off of their cell phones. (I managed to consume only half yesterday and half this morning, striving toward moderating in sinning.)

So, enough for now, although there is more to write. Dinner with Marc S. on Friday night was unexpectedly intense and there was no problem staying awake. (Had nothing to do with interpersonal relationships.) Spent yesterday with my old friend Terry, whom I had not seen since 1998. Within about twenty minutes, all the years had disappeared and only comraderie, forbearance, pleasure, and catching up on details remained.

Cooder is already asleep and I need to get prepared for what I hope is a crazy busy week of work. I believe the phrase is "bring it on"?

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