Friday, September 28, 2012


There go those seagulls again. It is not as sunny and they are not as vocal; could there be a correlation? 

It was another slow day for me, and that is disheartening. I was tired, too, as I had not gotten as much sleep as I need, but I made it through.

I also got this in an email from the young man I am working with (he also did me the solid of copying our boss:

I didn't get the chance today to tell you how much I appreciate your help on this! The extra manpower is a huge relief, and simply having someone to talk through these processes with is a great catalyst for solving the problems we run in to.

Nice, right? Such appropriate consideration from a youngster, no less.

Last night there was a scheduled happy hour for work last night at a local place, which is enticing as are most of the places around here, the places on my meander to and from work. The gin-and-tonics were excellent. Who'd a thunk that drink required any expertise? Choosing top shelf gin, in this case Hendricks, also made a difference. I had a delish appetizer of cheese and proscuitto stuffed grilled figs on baby lettuce. Yum.

I am not so sure about Seattle or maybe just the corner I am inhabiting. Although the folks I work with are hella-and-enjoyably-admirably smart, I don't think a single person has used the words "I read..." or "I was reading..." in connection with something other than a work document or email. Have any movies been mentioned? ("Right, Sally Anne. And when was the last time YOU were in a movie theater?"

After hothouse Brooklyn, Seattle feels intellectually and maybe artistically arid, kind of superficial almost. There is such an emphasis on feeling good, taking care of oneself, some hedonism, etc., and perhaps some spirituality, but it does not feel emotionally, intellectually, artistically fecund, fertile nor inspirational to me. But maybe I just haven't seen enough or met enough new people. 

But maybe it's just Friday.

A long story I am not going to tell here, but Iris' son Adam rescued an orphaned kitten in the country destined for drowning.

Doc is the kitten's name. I think I see love and gratitude on that face. 

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  1. Hendricks IS good stuff...and made by a family-owned Scottish Whisky distillery we drove near last year, & would have visited had we known they made Hendricks!