Thursday, September 27, 2012


Flowers at the gardens near the Chittenden locks.
Where, oh where is the ebullience of yesterday's post? Things just don't (necessarily) happen in a straight grade/line/continuum.

I didn't sleep as well last night, receiving a telephone call at an ... unruly ... hour. I don't think that the telephone call was the only disturbance; perhaps I ate more than I should have of my carmelized onion/sherried mushroom/chicken sausage spaghetti finished with butter and parmesan/gouda cheese. Perhaps the heat in the room was too high. Perhaps I suffered from down withdrawal. I don't really know. I do know that I did not wake up feeling all that grand and that continued to be the case for the entire day. Oh, and all those vegetables I ate for lunch yesterday (most delicious kale) caused an active digestive system.

Dogs are given equal water drinking opportunities here in Seattle.
And then work was difficult. I have never claimed that Excel was my strongest suit in the software universe. In truth, it has been a little bit of a sticking point on some projects that I carry too much data in my head, where it could be destroyed by an oncoming bus or a severe case of the cocktail flu (I did not invent that fine phrase). I have resolved to improve my Excel skills and, indeed, I have. But I was not up to snuff with a 20-something when it came to formatting an asset management list. Then again, I am not familiar with the ins and outs of the project; there is much nomenclature and I am more accustomed to working on entertainment projects than software development (although I am not a thorough stranger).

Another view of the Chittenden Locks and fish ladder.
So, I was slow and began to feel old and in the way. Maybe tomorrow I will not. I did wake up to the first real payday I have seen in 3 years. I celebrated moderately by giving my mother some money, paying a couple of outstanding small-ish bills, treating myself to a Thai meal (great peanut sauce), and feathering my Seattle nest with some goods from Bed, Bath, and Beyond (turns out it helps to have a list when you enter that place). I shopped intelligently and bought the cheapest nice things, not buying the high count Egyptian cotton bath towels (I need some at home), or the best down pillows. I bought the least expensive that seemed reasonable, as well as a pizza pan, some bath salts, hair gel, a Melitta for single cups of coffee (instead of the resident Mr. Coffee or buying a full stovetop espresso rig), et cetera et cetera.

So now, I think I will make a bit of use of the bath salts before I test drive the new down pillow (which I did encase in 700 thread count cotton pillow cases, but only because they were gigantically reduced and not a beautiful color). I can't see color when I sleep except in my dreams.
1) I would like to live in this building. 2) I think this building's doppelganger is in Berkeley. 3) I likes me some yellow and blue.

Tomorrow night, there is a "happy hour" after work which fills me with a certain trepidation. There have been many new people added to the project in the last two weeks, so a mixer is in order. My fear range from non-sociability, to saying the wrong things, to drinking too much. Just so you know.

Also, Iris had been out of town, but called me this morning to give me a full report of Emmylou, who I was able to hear. She is apparently doing just fine, save for a flea issue. Iris was taking her to the vet for a treatment, and all should be hunky-dory.

Now off to a rendez-vous with Logan Pearsall Smith and the new bath salts.


  1. Unless the project is only 3 weeks long, and it may well be, then one is supposed to quickly learn, sure, but not necessarily know it all going in. Just go with it and slam down on it, the computer is your friend. You are not second to anyone with it. No more math anxiety.

  2. Hit the keys harder, that makes everything go faster!