Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Having Cooder along for the job helps quite a bit. No one really wants to enter a bland, non-personal space in a town where one doesn't have a lot of friends and be all alone. Her conversation isn't all that scintillating, but she is good for a cuddle and decorating the space.

The first day of work went fine, although I cannot say it was particularly productive. There is a lot of information and lingo to absorb. Our workmates are nice and understanding and repeatedly thanked the three of us for heading out for the project on such short notice. Let us all hope that that continues.

I can see the Space Needle from my studio window if I stand at just the right angle. I might try to take a picture, but I am not so hopeful. The studio also has a bathtub! Yes, I took my first official bath in about three or four months. By the time I left 8th Avenue, I was too busy and nervous to really avail myself of the tub. This one isn't a great tub, but I did sigh with pleasure as I sank (as best I could) into it.

After living in Brewster for a bit, it is surprising to walk out of the building and into so many options. Restaurants, stores, hell, water, just a short walk away. This neighborhood is still gentrifying so there are social services offices nearby and the corresponding constituencies floating about. The YWCA is on the next block. Again, just different than Brewster or Park Slope.

We can walk to work, about 19 minutes or 66 calories away. It is unseasonably, or unSeattleably warm. One could be lulled into thinking this is a perfectly delightful place to live, with this kind of weather, and maybe it is, even when it rains. The warmth is supposed to last through the weekend. If I weren't so tired tonight, I might have taken a walk over to Elliot Bay, but I am rather at sixes and sevenses and although I am nearly too tired to rest, that did seem like the best course of action.

We ate Thai food from a food truck for lunch. 

There are packs of nerd boys running around here. At least in the part of town we were in, there was a dearth of females. Kind of weirds me out, as I thought that had changed in the technology world. Guess not. I am sure I will have more to say about that at another point. Reaching critical sleepiness mass here.

This tree was the strangest shade of yellow green.


  1. nephew might have been in one of those "nerd boys" packs. He's up there somewhere trying to be a writer or something (as in un- or marginally-imployed). Good kid, though. Glad the weather's treating you well. We've mainly had rain there, of course, when visiting.

  2. Sally It is unclear what is happening with the genders and technology. no doubt there are many more women, but that does not necessarily mean that they outnumber of even have parity with men. There were always women in technology, by the way.