Tuesday, September 18, 2012


“Thunder and lighting! You shouldn’t complain …”

I think I am misremembering that from a version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Here I am in Seattle. Cooder and I flew in last night. She seems to be adjusting reasonably well. I think she's a bit bored, but at her age, she mostly sleeps anyway. I start a gig tomorrow, so she'll be more alone than she has been in quite a long time. I'm glad to have a kitty with me. 

There are a lot of things to catch you all up on, but, for right now, this is just where I am.

There are two other freelancers who have come in to work on this project. We walked over to the Pike Market and had breakfast at a place called Lowell's. I haven't had a hangtown fry in a bazillion years. You remember hangtown fry, right?

Pike's Market is expensive and touristy, but difficult to resist on a warm, sunny Seattle day. We know these days are numbered.

I bought these honeycrisp apples, too. I think they are Louise's current favorites. This is $6 worth of apples here. They will go well with cheese.

This bunch of mostly dahlias was $5.00. It sure feels extravant to buy flowers. Could you have resisted?

Emmylou Irene Patsy Clownpaws had to stay in New York. JetBlue won't let you fly with more than one animal. I don't think I could have handled two, anyway. Here she is taking a last minute nap in my left just before I left.

As Ms. Emmy is friendly and adaptable, I left her with Iris. Iris sent a couple of shots today.

As you can see, she isn't adjusting very rapidly.


  1. Glad Cooder made it out there with you, and Emmy will be fine. Shine on.

  2. Seattle's a nice spot, although wet. Lots of arts. I didn't like the huge parking garages under big buildings, but did like the underground tour & history. Pike Fish Market is a hoot. Hope all goes well for you there.