Saturday, September 29, 2012


Up early even on a Saturday, although I could really go back to sleep about now. That's what I did last Saturday ... did I get up early, take a bath, and then go back to sleep? Hmm. Not important I suppose.

Today, I have a Zipcar arranged for 9:00, a KIA, which is a car model I have never before driven. I am striking out for the local Ikea, partly as a random scouting expedition, and partly to pick up a few items (toilet bowl brush, dish towel, small lamp) that will be cheaper there than anywhere else. Having been to the local Goodwill several times now, I didn't see the prices being low enough. The Goodwill did offer up some better knives than were provided, the ones here being utterly dangerous in their crapiness.

Last night, on a bit of an impulse, I got a Zipcar (Mazda this time) and headed over to the Capitol Hill neighborhood to Elliott Bay Books. And wow, is that a happening neighborhood! Teaming with bars, restaurants, RECORD stores, coffee shops, and non-intimidating hipsters. This neighborhood is so popular, paid parking goes from 8 am to 8 pm! Walking around the bookstore was fun, as it is quite spacious. It's great great great to be able to find things on line (they did not, for instance have The Letters of Madame de Sevigny in stock) but I did have lively conversations with the information desk clerks and the check out clerks.

I splurged and bought my good friend Scott Nash's new book, which was just released this week.

I walked around looking for a likely place to eat, but, being as it was prime time on a Friday night, that was not happening. The pizza place that had been highly recommended by the sales clerk was far too crowded, not to mention too dark for the reading I was hoping to do. I settled for the Oddfellow's Cafe, conveniently located next to the bookstore.

That was slightly less than satisfactory, although maybe I was just tired. The maitre d' suggested I sit at the bar for fastest service, even though there was no longer a line, and several two-tops had become empty, and to my way of thinking, unavailable. Ever sympathetic to the vagaries of restaurants, I agreed to sit at the counter, although I wish I had not. There continued to be empty tables, but I was squished up at the bar with several other singletons. I understand not wanting to hand away valuable table real estate in anticipation of the later night wave of diners, but I didn't exactly feel welcomed.

I know, those bottles look good. But, as I was driving, I consumed but a single glass of white wine. The food was okay, mussels in a smoked paprika, pancetta strip sauce and a radicchio/golden beet/orange sections salad. I might have rather had pizza. I'm going through withdrawals and as I have purchased a pizza pan, it is my intention to gather the makings while I am out on my sojourn today.

Working full-time again is not so bad! I rather like the walk to and from work, under 20 minutes. I might not feel this way when Seattle's rains start, but thus far the weather has been mostly gorgeous. I am missing my friends and Emmylou. Having Cooder's soft belly and quiet purr in my face when I woke up this morning went a long way to increasing my feelings of well-being.

I'm so much more comfortable since I re-arranged a bit of furniture last week. Right now, I am propped up on some pillows, laptop on lap (and charging appropriately), the desk lamp shedding the enough light to read and write. All good.

There's still a backlog of photos from last weekend's trip to Chittenden Locks. This was kind of a nice sculpture.

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  1. I think you've found your home. Seattle sounds great for you. Haven't heard you so, dare I say 'happy'?, in a long time. Enjoying your posts. KH