Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Dizzy's window.
Yeah. Past my bedtime and I did not get to a yoga practice today or this evening. However, getting to bed (dishes are done) is the priority.

Did I think or read today? I must have. You know, the usual sparring with myself, trying to keep up my confidence and energy. Trying to figure out where I fit in the world ... or even where I want to fit? I don't know. Someone told me recently that I really needed to get focused on what I want to do. Yeah? Ya think?

Kathleen and I were talking about my family and during the course of the chat I said that no one, not one of my brothers, did what they wanted to do in their lives and/or careers. As I might have said here before, the oldest one has the best job (from which he is retiring in a few months), the next one has had a job for a decade or two but doesn't like it and never really has, and well, you know about Carl. And you know about me.

I realized that I was always more concerned about what to do, and excited and enthused about things, than I ever really thought about how to make a living.

I know that this is a unfinished post, asking questions and bringing up topics that are not explored. I hope to continue these strains of mental music I have danced to, but not tonight.

Car wheels on a wet road. Somebody is going somewhere.

Sandals in the store windows already.

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