Sunday, January 8, 2012


Ah, the waning hours of the weekend. I know it should not affect me one way or t'other, yet it does. I did not get all the things attended to that I wanted to. It's 6:11 and I have not been outside (will rectify that soon) nor done any yoga (still hope) nor posted anything new on eBay (but I can still do that Tuesday).

Where does the time go? I spent a good long time working on a post for MediaVixenRecommends (not quite finished, but substantially done). I made bread, and am working on a batch for John and Melinda, and ??? Some reading? Some dozing? Floating along with the day? Well, most of it is done now so no crying over spilt time and lost milk, right? Hmmm ... need I strive to be more efficient and productive? I want to not strive as much, as striving has the connotation of trying as opposed to producing or succeeding.

I have yet to complete my New Years' Resolution list ... and we are getting on into the New Year. Why not concepts instead of specifics? Things to be, well, in this case kind of, strived for? Big ideas to keep in mind ... okay, they don't have to be big.

I have been thinking. And thinking and philosophizing seem to garner more readers, as strange as that is to me. Needs be more writing. Mais pas ce soir.

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