Saturday, January 7, 2012


Supporting her shoulder with a sand bag.
Kids, it might just work out that the writing of yoga/yoga of writing deal works out. I've done a practice three or four times this year, which is 3 or 4 100% more than last year. And it's not forced. It feels natural, like the thing I want and need to do.

I kind of took off the day. I got up in time to do a little bit of moderating, drink some coffee, walk to the post office to mail the latest eBay sale, and then get on the subway to therapy. This all before 9 on a Saturday. Yes, it is true.

I rather lazed about the rest of the day, getting in some good napping. When I woke up, my first impulse was to get on the floor (with Ms. Emmylou) and do a couple of asanas, more restorative in nature. I worked on opening my shoulders and loosening up my neck. Ended with some cat/cow and a downward dog. My left knee has been plaguing me a bit, so I worked a bit on some knee opening and strengthening, too.

Necessary yoga props for home practice.

This evening, I picked my little check out of my mailbox and walked back down to the bank, so that I did get a good portion of walking in.

One of my friends, B, (the other B), takes a day of silence on a regular basis. I didn't quite do that today, but I was pretty quiet. And now to extend that quiet to some more happy sleep. I took some great photos today, but I am even too sleepy to post them now, so you'll just have to wait.

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