Saturday, January 14, 2012


At the corner, waiting for work.
What is the word for negative synchronicity? When things mesh in a not so good way? For instance, I am feeling quite quite low these past couple of days. And is it ever grey out there.

One of the struggles I am having is with having a voice (notwithstanding that according to one friend I have quite a high squeal when I am excited). To be seen or to not be seen, that is the question.

I spent a lot of the day in bed, sometimes sleeping, sometimes just hiding out. A quiet world seemed the best. I am, of course, frustrated that I didn't get a lot done nor am I leading the exciting, scintillating life I could be, am supposed to be leading here near one of the world's greatest cities.

Well, our fantasy me is out there having fun, I suppose. This one is in here fighting the darkside demons. And making a stab at cleaning the refrigerator so that I can stop thinking about it. Two shelves are emptied out onto the sink. I have A LOT of Asian condiments. I need to keep that in mind while I am menu planning as they should get used up.

I realize I threw out a tantalizing comment about being seen and then drifted away from it.

Many hours later.

Ah, well, the refrigerator cleaning project is not done, as there is cheese to sort. But there is a new organization, much is cleaned and thrown out, consumption prioritized. It did take me an entire bottle of white wine (but I drank it slowly over about five hours) and pad thai, but at least I will wake up with a different relationship to my refrigerator, and I can kind of move on to my next project: bathroom organization!

Before I go to bed, going to get some Sullivan Street bread started for tomorrow. And perhaps I will finish that thought about being seen.

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