Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Forbes Thought Of The Day

 The greatest obstacle to your success is probably you. ”
— Frank Tyger

No doubt. But that doesn't solve the problem in the slightest.

No Downton Abbey last night. Instead I had vague meandering threads of the life of KaHug. Must have been doing a work session with her a bit late in the evening ... perhaps it is best to stay with my own mental dramas at that hour. I seem to be quite susceptible to the problems of others, whether or not they "actually happened" ...

And as I was making my first cup of coffee, (why yes, I am starting this in the morning), I was singing Sympathy for the Devil (it is a good wake-up song), replacing the lyric, "just as every cop is a criminal" with "just as every cat is a criminal." You know I don't think that but Emmy can be challenging.

Just went over to work on my political tweets for occupylive.org. Some doozies out there today: 

Irked by abortion bill, Va. senator adds rectal exams for men

WSJ Publishes Op-Ed From 16 Climate Deniers, Refused Letter From 255 Top Scientists

Winter sun on red brick building. This is not quite brilliant enough.

Utterly egregious crap. No question as to who is running the Wall Street Journal.

10:05 p.m.

Ahhh ... listed enough items for this week on eBay. Tedious work. I hope a couple of things sell, of course, as that is how I am making ends almost meet better. I am not sure if that is proper language there, but I am pooped. It is amazing or maybe merely remarkable how difficult it is even to get rid of things you don't need and aren't using. That might have something to do with the aesthetic value, but I did have trouble even planning to shake loose of some of these items.

This young lady stormed onto the train with a mission, which was to fling herself down and drown herself in her book as soon as humanly possible. And we always love that. I had to see what she wa reading: The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. Of course. I should have known just by the Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter bag she was carrying. She had pink hair, too. Charming.

I hope I sleep better tonight.

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