Sunday, January 29, 2012


Address tiles on the mews near NYU.
It's not a good sign when the song stuck in your head is the theme from The Beverly Hillbillies.

I realize I have been remiss in attending to this blog, to you, and to some extent myself. The good news is that it is not depression, sadness, or despondency that has kept me away from this writing. I have been busy with other things, moving toward more work, and not so prone to self-reflection and communication.

So, just to get you mildly up to date on "the struggle" ... after drinking wine and a martini with Jen and Jay last night, I was not full of vim and vinegar today. I did clean the kitchen floor and kitchen, do some work, and take a nice nap. I realized, inasmuch as I was thoroughly cosy, that I really should make myself take a walk, that when I didn't walk or leave the house, it tended to push me more toward depression or some kind of lethargy.

So I took kind of long one, even though it was dark by the time I left the house. I walked all the way down 8th Avenue to Flatbush, then cut down to 7th Avenue and back home. It was about 2 miles and well beyond the 20 minute walking goal.  That part of town had seemed so far away, it had never really occured to me to walk it.

So, what do I do with this blog if I am not thinking anything? I can report that I feel more hopeful than I did even a week ago. I made a little more money (close to $60 on eBay today).

I must be mentally gestating some things. I haven't done any yoga in days and I need to. That will have to be high on the agenda for tomorrow, along with going to the library, and moving the car. I don't feel particularly creative, but I have been helpful to KaHug and I had some good ideas about getting MW moving along again.

For the moment, it's a life that is creeping in a better direction. I hope to have more good progress or even insight to report ere long.

Looking down Sixth Avenue where the World Trade Center Towers used to be.

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  1. It's great to think of you near all these places. It seems like you must be getting energy from them. Today, the world seemed so beautiful as I drove with my friends to watch birds. I even survived having car trouble. I took a picture of the marsh but the phone refused to send it to facebook. I couldn't find any free internet. I decided I was supposed to just stay home and rest up for the work week. I hope to share an article about science research and an essay by Didion with the students. I feel undeservedly wise and old. 60 ain't so bad, even though my communications with the world are wanting.