Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Oh, how typical of me. It's 10:22, I have something cooking. I'm now awake (although I only took at 25 minute nap this evening). And it is crazy hot in here again.

I will spare you the photo, but in my moderating for occupylive.org, I came across a story and a picture of a cat that had been brutally murdered with the word "liberal" carved into it found on the doorstep of its owner, an Arkansas Democrat running for office. Don't look for the story. But I am just nauseated. This is the kind of thing that will wake me at night, as well as keep me from sleeping.

A bit later. Two hours later. Where did the time go? Eating chips and salsa, drinking beer, doing dishes, playing solitaire, reading The Guardian, rescuing Emmylou from the fire escape, and some self-loathing.

You've heard me say it before: lost and spinning. Is anything in the universe besides a human being able to be lost and spinning? (Physics people?)

Even though it sprinkled and gently rained, I walked down to the Library Book Mobile there near B, with a small pile of books (the library book pile is thinning down) then on to to the post office, which is between 4th and 5th Streets, so that I could put some eBay packages into the mail. Then I walked along 5th Avenue, stopped for a slice of pizza that I ate while walking in the rain. At the corner of 13th and 5th, there is a thrift store. Wow. I went in and looked at their goods for a long long time.

I suppose it is a positive thing that I can now go into a thrift store and not HAVE to buy something, come what may. Hell, spending $2.50 on a piece of pizza seemed extravagant. I looked for a long time and allowed myself to buy two used cds, Kirsty McColl and Dolly Parton for another $2.50. And I did give that a lot of thought before I decided to part with the money. Then I walked another block to the shoe repair at 14th and 5th, to pick up the shoes I had polished so that I could sell them on eBay. Then I walked home.

One of my "B" friends is financially challenged also. We had a walk last week, maybe I already reported this. We discussed trying to budget when money is so tight that buying sandwich baggies is food for consideration. B says that she thinks/has read/?? that you need to keep the money flowing. So I did today, although I felt nearly profligate.

Hope I can sleep. (But seriously, folks, not TOO down.)

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