Saturday, March 30, 2013


Cooder this morning.
I was out of it yesterday. The birthday and all the stress just knocked me out for the day. I could ill-(oops! pun!) afford to lose a day, but it had to be.

Been up since early today and yes, I am tired, but I am also kind of wired. And having meself a gin and pompelo for a change.

I was all fired up to write a newsy post tonight, but I spent about two hours futzing with various Apple devices on a support call. Much seems to have been accomplished on that front, like I got landscape view to work on my iPhone again! Wiped off my old MacBook Air, sad as that makes me, and started configuring it as a hand-me-down. Got the new MacBook Air tuned more. I will need to use it tomorrow to make sure it is ready for me to take to Chicago on Monday.

Meanwhile, it was the birthday of many of my favorite folks: Brett, Monroe, Michele, and several others I am currently too pooped to think about. And yet. And yet. I got more feted. (That is not fetid.)

First up, a total surprise package from a dear old friend from high school, Linda. We had lost touch for about 30 years and, a year or two ago, were fortunate enough to reconnect though always through the mail. We still haven't spoken nor have I been to California long enough to see her. So the box contained all those lovely packets of Greenies. I guess she reads the blog. (For which, thanks.) Plus, a lovely card and a nice little cash gift and a promise to really write. We all, (M, A, and i) had a good laugh. I called ma mere because we swap silly cat things and she had a nice belly laugh and said to say thanks to Linda, too! Anyway, so grateful and so delighted, too!

Then, a package from KaHug. She had sent me a text that she was sending something so that one was less of a surprise. There were two surprises, however, as she sent me a pair of beautiful grown-up earrings (we might be likely to send one another things of a silly nature. I couldn't photograph them because they went straight into my ears. However, there was a WONDERFUL CARD enclosed:

This one just put me over the top. That's quality imagery there. When we were young and working at Colossal Pictures, I was given a nice handmade card signed by everyone on whatever project we were all working on. Most of them wrote stuff like, "You're the best." "Love ya alot." etc. KaHug wrote
"Don't really love you, but think you're okay." This endeared me to her forever. This is rather in that vein. The Native American princess kind of looks like KaHug, too, although the hair is different. And the clothes. Must be the contemplative expression.

And THEN!! Just when there was no reason for it to get any better because I am old and really don't expect much for my birthday, there was ANOTHER BOX!! This one was from my brother David and my sister-in-law Stella!!! What a surprise!! And in THAT delicious box was COFFEEEEEEE from Santa Cruz, (yay!), Beautiful Chocolates from Richard Donnelly (ah-huh!!!), and a CD wallet FULL OF AWESOME MUSIC (Boz Scaggs, Johnny Adams, David Bromberg, Peter Rowan, just to name a few) AND AND AND a great Winnie-the-Pooh card and a spot of green.

Also, a hilarious hilarious card from Laura.

Over the moon, you say??

Other blessings of the day: My old laboring desktop was non-functional for a while, but she rallied and is back in action.

So caffeinated, chocolated, cashed, musiced, and Greenied. Hell, I felt good! Thank you all so much for all your kind words.

Now I must try to calm myself and get some sleep. I have an entire Ursula K. LeGuin novel to read tomorrow and I must plan/pack for Chicago.

Thanks again!
Emmy this morning.

Some of the birthday roses.

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