Thursday, March 7, 2013


Yes indeedy, it still snows. Weather report has it that it will snow until tomorrow evening, albeit not heavily.

Perhaps one of you might be able to answer the question of how many Greenies do I need to give Cooder before she stops pestering me? Then again, there may not be a number that high.

Had a lovely, fat-snowflake flurry walk with Albert this afternoon. We got off the road and trespassed up an unpaved driveway. I was on the telephone giving some bidness advice to niece KF and not paying much attention to where we were going, so Albert had a quite nice ramble.

I only got one photo. It is very much in the vein of late, but I still like it.

Had a lengthy chat with Louise this evening about the issues of our literature course. I will try hanging in a bit longer, but I haven't even started reading The Island of Dr. Moreau, nor listening to the Poe and Hawthorne lectures. Plus our Know Thyself class started this week and I have only listened to a little bit of those lectures. It's a go-go intellectual world up here!

There's a flurry of activity, but not a lot of paying work. And not even much reading outside of the class stuff. And don't even get me started on how far behind I am in my movie or tv watching! 

Emmylou hung out with me as I showered this afternoon. Then there was that flurry of telephone calls and all. When M came home around 6, I realized that Miss Messyfeet was not fulfilling her Miss Underfoot role. M and I went around the house and basement, opening closets, and calling, but to no avail. I went outside into the snow with a bag of Greenie to rattle (that usually gets them both running to me). I heard her meowing like crazy but could not find her. M found her in the attic. I briefly opened the closet that has the attic stairs and she must have followed me and gotten locked in. She lost her collar up there. 

Cooder has calmed down enough to perch on the nearby couch back. Emmylou is meatloafed across the room. And I should go to bed.

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  1. What do they put in Greenies? One of our kitties is just looney over them. The other cat is her own version of crazy so I'm not surprised that she won't touch them...