Monday, March 25, 2013


I guess it is not synthesia, but something visceral like that. When I am tired, I psychically feel as if I am sunburned and someone is sandpapering me. As you can imagine, that is a fairly miserable feeling and you cannot wait for it to stop. And when I am tired, my entire lizard brain is focussed on only one thing: getting rest.

Later on in life.

Not really sure when I wrote that. And I know I've been quiet lately. And yes, I have been somewhat down, but not really to the point that y'all need to worry. Not that I don't have my own ongoing struggles, but one of my closest, dearest friends is in a life and reality struggle with about all the shit you can handle at once: substance abuse, finances, relationships, and meaning of life. As we see eye to eye on so many psychic and spiritual levels, I have been involved and supportive in the ongoing drama. But it takes a toll and now I am fighting off another cold.

And I need to fight it off! Tomorrow night is our Kermit Place Readers' Group meeting to discuss Virigina Woolf's Night and Day, although I don't think many of us will have actually finished it. I know I won't. And Wednesday is the big show, Emmylou, Rodney, and Richard, for which I have been waiting for a good couple of months! So, I shall shortly to bed in the hopes of benefitting from a good night's sleep.

This week, Louise and I read The Martian Chronicles for our Fantasy/SciFi class. Each of us found it hard going. Though we had read it before, our advancing age made Bradbury's vision much more depressing. And L and I are both disposed in that direction anyhow. L's essay was a personal one this week, about why it was such a pain to read it. I just wrote about Bradbury's celebration of and ambivalence toward about the American way of life. I will be happy to read the creamy deliciousness of Woolf as I am falling asleep tonight.

It's very quiet. M and J are already in bed and other than the occasional wail of the train in the distance, the jingle of Emmylou's bell as she gives herself a bath, and the slow whirr of the small space heater, it is peaceful. We were anticipating more snow tonight, though it seems to have warmed up a bit.

One feels that if only the weather were bright and warmer, one's mood would improve.

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