Monday, January 28, 2013


Snow on the tree in the front.
I am defintely not focussed these days, not getting enough accomplished, and kind of wifting-wafting about. I am feeling somewhat better. I woke up this morning with congestion but not the runny nose I have had. And though I was tempted by the thought of an afternoon nap, I resisted.

As a consequence of the non-nap, I am hella-sleepy for 9:44. Again, this is not without its silver lining, as I just might be able to sleep, again, without taking any medication, which is good.

I don't know that I spent the day, the non-nap hours, furthering my life. I did make it to the library (which was closed) to drop off some books, went to the market, drove around looking for a place to park so that I could take a picture or two of the reservoir in the snow, but couldn't find anything. I watched another French Film,  Parlez-moi de vous, quite satsifactory, made pizza, and that's about the afternoon. Oh yeah, I walked Albert who doesn't much like the snow. And snow it did today.

And I worked on my knitting. But that really does not count much toward getting real life accomplished.

I hope to write with more consciousnessssssssszzzzzzzzzz

She's cute. What can I tell you?

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