Sunday, January 27, 2013



“My experience is what I agree to attend to. Only those items which I notice shape my mind.”
–William James, The Principles of Psychology, Vol.1

Now, that's pretty interesting, right? Although I am not going to examine nor write any treatise on the topic.

It's late again, and I want to continue my last two nights' records of sleeping pretty much through the night, one night without benefit of sleeping aids.

This is outside my bedroom door of a morning.
I signed up for a couple of things: a Coursera class as I mentioned, and an on-line French Film Festival that has three weeks to run. I did watch a good one this evening, Un Bon Matin, about a French financial worker who goes postal. So, between reading for my class, doing my regular stuff, and trying to watch a French Film every day, I am going to be extra busy.

It was warmer today, so I took advantage of the sun and walked Albert at the reservoir bike path again. Albert is easier to walk in the snow as he is not constantly stopping to smell every thing.

I also did get my weekly short-story read (Liam O'Flaherty) and made good progress in Telegraph Avenue (which I listened to as I cleaned up the kitchen this morning) and I'm almost finished with Joe's War.

M made a delish crock pot dish of chicken thighs and curry. I made my first (my certainly not my last) batch of coconut/lemon macaroons. They are pretty great.

Also, making patient progress with knitting my cashmere scarf, which will take forever as it is very fine wool (fingering, I believe this weight/class of wool is called) and is knit on very small needles. I must have nabbed the cashmere at a thrift store of something, because a skein of cashmere costs around $30.00 for a few ounces. I wouldn't have picked the color as my favorite (sort of pink/salmon) but it will be becoming. I will post pictures a bit later on.

And it the birthday of Laurie Hallelujah!

At the reservoir.1

At the reservoir.2

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  1. Tamra Davis has a super simple easy coconut macaroon recipe.

    I use 1/2 organic unsweetened and 1/2 sweetened coconut.
    They are yummy and easy.