Friday, January 18, 2013


No photos today unless I pull something out of the old files. And not on this laptop as I cannot find my photo library. That reminds me I still haven't had the energy or mind to call Apple.

Yes, I have been sick. So far none of the up and out projectile sorts of problems, although I was a little bit worried about that yesterday. About 5:00 p.m., I had a terrific headache and a queasy stomach. I took some meds and went to bed and slept for the better part of 13 hours, which means I woke up from time to time, but went back to sleep. I've spent the day mostly drowsing, checking in with the tv every once in awhile (okay, a few hours worth of watching), and some reading. I put Joe's War aside in favor of Oddly Normal: One Family's Struggle to Help Their Teenage Son Come to Terms with his Sexuality. That title is much too long. I am reading it because I was at the 40th birthday party of the author. It is not making me particularly happy to read.

So, I am here on the couch, as I find sleeping in the same place for too long even more boring and depressing. M and E went out to see The Silver Linings Playbook. Might have been fun, but I don't want to get any sicker. So I have also cancelled my plans to go Brooklyn for the weekend. :-( I did want to go.

I'm going to watch Downton Abbey on line. Perfect for a sick person! I'll check in soon.!

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  1. Downton Abbey should help. Sorry you're feeling unwell, & sorry about your computer as well. I'm worried about mine too, as it's been acting up. I've got my stuff backed up to an external HD, but I can't say I trust that. I can't afford maintenance help now, so my fingers are crossed nothing will get worse (same for me as well as my laptop!). Hope things look up tomorrow.