Wednesday, January 30, 2013


This map is for KH who wondered about water near Gaza.

Ugh. Now, that is likely not a great way to start a post. Yet, that is an accurate representation of how I feel at the moment. And I didn't even mean to log on to this page, but I did so I thought I should sow a seed for today's post.

I had a less than easy sleep last night, even though I pretty much crashed when I said I was going to. I woke up in the night, repeatedly, and although I did not visit the dark places I frequented last summer and fall, I wasn't in a happy place, either. I finally got up to move to the nest on the couch, still set up for my afternoon sick nest repose. I thought I might have to read, but I was able to fall asleep, and deeply. Sometimes one needs a change of venue for sleeping.

Now at the end of the day.

Been kind of down and emotional today. Some of it has to do with the ongoing struggles with my laptop. I have spent many hours, into the double digits, trying to keep my ol' laptop alive. The Apple help guy, Joel, now thinks it is a problem with my external back-up drive. And there is some recourse, but it is time consuming. And I still have a lot of Grimm's Household Tales to read.

Then I took Cooder to the vet for a geriatric work-up/blood tests. The doc thinks Cooder is likely almost blind. And that is not bad in itself, but even the choice to spend any of the little money I have remaining, not to mention the distinct possibility of bad news, was enough to stress me out to spaciness for the rest of the evening.

I did make more macaroons, which M declared "to die for" ... I used brown sugar this time. And for the life of me, I went to three grocery stores and could not find any unsweetened flake cocoanut. Sigh.

But I did take a 30 minute walk with Albert around the reservoir again. It was quite misty.

I hope to write something of interest soon. Bear with me.

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