Friday, January 25, 2013


Yeah. I had occasion to go by the RiteAid in Danbury, Connecticut. Besides learning that Angelina Jolie is PREGNANT AGAIN. I saw the first sign of Spring. Cadbury Peeps for Easter. Already.

Or is that merely a sign of time compressing altogether?

Later that same day.

Did not feel extremely well.
Did get a nap.
Did resuscitate my dear old MacBook Air, again.
Did begin to listen to my video lectures in the Coursera course I have signed up for which is something about Fantasy, Science Fiction, Modern Life, and The Mind.
Did work on knitting.
Did get the first loud purr out of Emmylou. This is a milestone in itself as I have not been convinced she was much of a purrer, but I see there is hope. She has the capacity for a good rumbling purr, I just have to bring it out in her.

It was not a day of much thinking or reflecting.
So, I am now going to exercise my thinking.

I think I will go to bed and read.

My oldest brother, Michael, in an early demonstration of thinking.

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