Friday, November 30, 2012


Goodness. Getting down to Brooklyn took a whole different level of concentration. I hadn't realized how "countrified" I had become in a "lo-di-doe" sort of way. Gosh, ya gotta excelerate on the freeway and wow! that's a big truck and gosh, maybe I ought to get out its way! Also, I hadn't even mentally reviewed the directions for getting down here so I had a instance or two of "uh-oh, I need to be in the right lane about now."

Straight on to the find-a-parking-spot-within-a-reasonable-distance-of-your-destination competition with a parallel parking next to a moving van handicap. And wait! somewhere nearby there's a siren AND a baby crying hysterically. Oh what fun.

I also realized I had been away from New York City for the longest stretch since I moved back here in 1999. No wonder it is taking me a bit of re-calibration. There's an aspect to this experience much like iridescence, with hidden glints, highlights, and really a kind of other reality shining at odd moments.

I need to get a-move on as I've things to do. I likely won't have time to sit down and cogitate on all of this until Sunday, but it won't be because I am not thinking about it.

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