Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Why would I be so desperately sleepy on a Monday afternoon at 3:04 after a mellow day of dishes, laundry, and general farkeling around? Very difficult to keep open my eyes. Starting this post because I want to remember to share the recipe for the Maple Walnut Cake I made for Thanksgiving. It was soooo easy and crazy good. And look up the cream cheese maple frosting and use all of it on the cake, even though it will seem like a lot. Just trust  me on this.

Several hours later...
Goodness. What a yummy nap! Cooder came and curled up in my arm, next to my head, with her belly in my face and just purred for about 40 minutes. It doesn't get much better than that. Although she will sleep with others on occasion, I don't think she gives them that treatment.

And now for stir-fry hoison salmon!

Le jour prochain

I am really visually disabled without benefit of augmentation, but even the blurs of my room have a rhythm and recognizable pattern. As I opened my blues this morning, I could see something was different, though not neccessarily amiss. There were more light patches. By golly, it's snowing!  I was not paying attention to the weather whatsoever and had made no provisions, mental or otherwise. Okay, well there is nothing on my agenda today that the snow would greatly interrupt, except that the snow is an added incentive to stay in bed, swaddled and cuddled by feline and avian (down comforter, featherbed, pillows, etc). The allure of the cozy. Ah, well, I needs must continue into the cold.

As I was sleepily washing dishes, waiting for my coffee to brew, I glanced out the kitchen window into the woods. Wham! The contrast of cardinal red against white snow was enough to stimulate my visual cortex. For a moment, I stood in silent, desert-girl wonder at that combination of color, astonished and amazed. Really, it seems like a miracle to me (and, you know, for some of us it IS miraculous). Excitedly, I exhorted R and M to come and share.

Later, while supine on my bed, chatting with K, I looked up into the trees outside and what should I see but another flash of red! My cardinal had moved to a place where I could glimpse that flash of invigorating color. I interrupted my session several times to comment on the cardinal in the tree.

This is close to what I saw.
Image from Carroll County Times. No permission sought or granted.

By the way, those of a decidedly non-bliss-ninny sensibility should stop right here. Better you don't read this.

Department of Who Knew?

Then JR sent me this, which I do not have a reference for, but must have found somewhere on the internet as he is at work and could not possibly write or type this fast:

The Cardinal
The cardinal is a power packed bird that transforms and awakens us. She represents renewed vitality through recognizing self-importance. Her cycle of power is year-round and reflects the rhythm of the number 12 - 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months or the hour of 12. Because of it year round cycle, its medicine is available at all times. Its message is of renewing vitality through recognizing self-importance.

Its color and its voice are its two strongest characteristics.  It is a member of the finch family and is often recognized by its brilliant red color. The cardinals voice is strong and clear and reflects an air of importance. This power packed bird can teach you how to express your truth, develop confidence and walk your talk. If you respect its teachings it will lead you home.  

I'd be apoplectic if I saw this many at one time.
The eggs laid by the female hatch in about twelve days. This, along with the cardinal being a year round resident, reflects the rhythm of the number twelve.  The number twelve often has important significance for those with this totem. It can indicate a turn of events or a life changing situation. When the cardinal flies into your life expect a change to occur within 12 days, 12 weeks, 12 months or at the hour of 12. Because this bird is a year round resident its medicine is available at all times and should be used by those with this totem whenever a need arises.

Cardinals have a loud whistle. Whistles penetrate the air with sharp distinct tones. They demand our attention urging us to hear what is carried through the air. Both male and female cardinals join in the whistling. This reflects the need to integrate our male and female characteristics into our day to day life.  Feminine energy is linked to intuition. Male energy is linked to perseverance. If both are operating within our life our intuitive knowledge has the perseverance and strength necessary to manifest our goals and dreams.

Cardinals eat many decaying weeds and injurious insects.  When a cardinal appears in your life it is telling you to pay attention to your eating habits.  Are you eating things that might be injurious to your health?  Is your diet nutritionally balanced?  Extra care should be given to the blood and circulatory system.  Past life ties to overindulgence or the consumption of poisonous substances is often linked to cardinal medicine people.

The bright red color of the cardinal is very symbolic.  Red represents the blood or life force of the Mystic Christ. In yoga circles this vital force is known as the kundalini. The kundalini lies dormant within us until activated by a disciplined spiritual practice.  Once activated spiritual power can be attained. The cardinal offers safe passage into the world of personal power for those who ask for itshelp. A great love or a strong dislike for religion and churches is common amongst cardinal medicine people and can indicate a past life connection with one or both.

When a person with cardinal medicine steps onto a spiritual path there will be no turning back. Everything else in their life will seem insignificant. Extra care must be taken here to insure personal happiness, particularly in the area of one to one relationships. Balancing spiritual ideals and physical pleasure will need to be instated in ones life so harmony on all levels is known.

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