Friday, November 16, 2012


Starlight and dew drops are waiting for thee ... 

That's no way to wake up, thinking the words to Beautiful Dreamer. That's like going backwards. Or backwoods, since I think I had been dreaming about camping.

Oh well. Yesterday's flea blitzkrieg seemed to go well. I have a bit more to do today: the daunting task of cleaning and de-bugging my room and the front room. I was fortunate that yesterday was reasonably warm so that it was bearable to have all the windows in the house open (and there are many).The skies cooperated by not raining so that the computers and guitars and amps and newspapers and books could be on the deck. Albert was at the groomer's all day. Emmy and Cooder were cozy enough in the basement, particularly since the the washer and dryer were going most of the day.

Can you see her decimated tail?

The best proof of the efficacy is that Emmy is hanging out in the house again!

Already today I am parked in front of the flat screen having gotten caught up on 30 Rock and migrated to the Rolling Stones documentary on HBO, Crossfire Hurricane. However, I am going to turn it off now ...  done ... and get on with the things that need doing today. Things are going to get busy as all the kids will be home as well as assorted relatives and close friends. We will be 16 or 17 for dinner on Thursday.

Albert does not like to be photographed.
I heard and saw woodpeckers in the woods (where else?) yesterday. I also saw a cardinal. I hope he lives nearby. He likely looks even better in the snow!


It can be odd, the things that give you a sudden flood of happiness or well-being. I was just cleaning the breakfast dishes in an attempt to avoid the Flea Fest 2012.2. I got up from the table only to see this behind me on the kitchen floor:

I haven't seen this for a couple of weeks now. Emmy used to lurk around me when I was writing, so this is excellent.

And then as I was doing dishes, I reflected on this:

 I had such a lovely time at Moe's when I was in Berkeley. I don't usually resort to buying swag, but I had to get this for M for her birthday. And I am suffused with pleasure every time I use it or wash it.

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