Saturday, November 3, 2012


Think, now. Was there anything that needed saying today? Any revelations? Any significance? Even any interesting trivia?

Naw. Slow day mostly. I was up at a reasonable hour, before the rest of the household. I tried to be, you know, forthcoming and carpe diem and all. It's highly unusual for me to be the first person dressed.
Cooder found the heating vent in the hallway.

I did my usual honey and hot water to start the day. When I opened my email, I received this missal from Rick Hanson's Just One Thing:

what we do during the first minutes after waking. For me this time is quite special. Besides being a unique state of consciousness - neither asleep nor hurried along - it's an opportunity to open to and let in beautiful feelings and intentions, and to incline the mind in a good direction.

Not to whine, but this is especially challenging when you are not a morning person. And there are many mornings when I just go through the motions of drinking the hot water and honey. But there are also mornings when I do remember to pay attention, to consider a day wherein I might be more conscious, and perhaps strive for a more pleasant, awake (alive?) day.

(Why do I hear Yoda and CB admonishing me "There is no striving, only doing or not doing?? And then "M-O-U-S-E ...)

And on another, sadder note, my friend Jason had to say goodbye to his beloved Tibetan Mastiff, Po, today. Po was a great dog and a great friend. We are sorry to see him go.

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