Wednesday, November 14, 2012


I guess the best news is that sometimes it works. Sometimes drinking the hot water and honey does bring back my slowing stewing morning brain from the dank and dark places it is wont to wander to a realization that is there is something sweet and my focus shifts. Once I back out of the neural alley of negativity, I can move toward neutrality if not outright positivity.

After a restless night of hearing the theme song and vaguely dreaming of Treme, I very much want to sink into the couch and watch the last episode and a half which will get me all caught up. I was at least disciplined enough to turn off the tv at 11:30 and head to bed instead of staying up until 1 to watch it all. So, there's a spot of positive behavior modification.

While exploring a beautiful road I had not driven down in this area, I was chatted with my friend KaHug in California yesterday afternoon . KaHug said she saw a friend recently whose first words were "No, don't worry, I don't have cancer. I've just lost a lot of weight and I can give you the secret of weight loss." Of course, KaHug was intrigued. The friend advised her that she could eat as much as she liked of things she didn't like and absolutely none of anything she did enjoy. Okay, good. We'll get right on that.

Here comes Cooder into the kitchen! I left Cooder and Emmy in the kitchen last night on mouse watch. Hmm, she seems to have misplaced her collar in the last 30 minutes since I got out of bed. I think Cooder not being in bed contributed to my restlessness. I have not seen Emmy today.

But the biggest worry is beautiful Emmylou who has fleas so badly that she has lost all of the hair on her belly and backlegs and her magnificent tail is decimated. She has been treated with Frontline twice, had a treatment of diatomaceous earth and yet she still has fleas. Emmy spent yesterday, the whole day, in the basement, where I presume she is not attacked. It was cold yesterday. I haven't had a flea problem in 30 years, even living in LA with outdoor kittehs.

So today is bathe Emmylou (and we know how much fun that could be) and try to vacuum the house (not small and devoid of anything). I think I will try to treat Cooder with more diatomaceous earth as there is no one to drive me to ER if I were to bleed from the shredding.

Emmy, in a happier lap mood.

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