Friday, November 2, 2012


I finally got the Frontline on the kitties.
M put some on Albert, too, as we wage war on the fleas.
Emmy brought fleas to Iris', so Tuxedo, Wixii, and Doc all have flea treatment, too.

I finally walked Albert at the reservoir bike trail today.
It was many hours later than I meant to leave the house.
True, some laundry was done.
True, the bed was changed.
True, I invoiced my remaining little gig.
True, I wrote postcards.
True, I mailed the postcards after fighting traffic caused by power outtage intersection lights, and those lining up to get gasoline.
Oh, and those heading home after kind of a tough week.

I still tear up when I see the photographs.
I was planning to go to the City tomorrow to see K in person after 6 or more weeks. Then some kind of sanity hit and it seemed selfish to add to the chaos of people who HAD to get around without benefit of subway, and maybe it is a good time to be conservative with petrol. I thought about heading down to volunteer to help, but it seems the better part of valor is to just stay out of the way for the moment.

By the time I managed to find the reservoir, having to remember my way around the area's backroads, I was a bit crispy. Poor Albert was dying to get out and have his daily waste walk, poor kid. I didn't really feel like walking very much. But I did. Just me and Albert and the not-too-distant sounds of traffic. And some nice views.

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