Monday, December 3, 2012


This song always makes me want to get up on a countertop and table and do the pony. I can only hope that I am orders of magnitude thinner and wearing something with rows of fringe: Liar, Liar. It's a good song with some cross between the open reverb surf sound and something slightly mystical.

Cooder tucked into her new heated cat bed.

But what has that got to do with a very foggy morning not in London town? Nothing except when I opened up iTunes dj in order to get busy with my morning editorial gig, that was the song playing. I am making a mix of songs I think should get great cover versions and that would be one of them. I could imagine RT doing something really interesting with it. (Okay, I think RT could cover just about anything and do something interesting with it, but that is kind of beside the point.)

The next day - Monday, December 3rd.

Aarrgh. I have been trying to update and post this all day long. Instead, I have been working on upgrading my computers to the Snow Leopard operating system. It wasn't a wasted day, but it's dark now, almost 6:00, and not as much was accomplished as I had hoped. For instance, going outside. For instance, getting some exercise for real since it was at least sunny and dry out. For instance, make dinner. But nada but computer stuff and long conversations with Apple about this and that, that and this. Well, some days are like that I guess. And I did do the dishes and unload the dishwasher, too.

So, Brooklyn was good, but I was telling you about that iridesence. It's my life. It's not my life — anymore. It's familiar. It's strange. Well, all those things are even true to some degree when you live in New York City. But living and being away threw different lights on what had been the quotidien. So, being back in town was good, but it was also emotional (wait, wasn't it like that when I lived there?). All right then: I am confused. Or more, I continue to be confused about life, where to live, and more importantly, how to live. (CB and Yoda intone: "There is no trying to live, just living.")

Saturday afternoon, upon returning to the Northlands, I joined M and J and friends up in Pawling at the Akin Free Library. Actually, there I go again not telling the truth. I met them at a nearby church which was having a bazaar. Fortunately, there wasn't anything terribly compelling although I did buy a book on bread making since I still plan to pursue that pasttime even though I shouldn't be eating any. I didn't even make it into the library, but it was waaaay cool and I will get up there again on some Saturday (only open that day from 1 - 4).

I suppose the end of the year, when there is not much movement in my industry (okay, we all acknowledge that is a fairly indistinct category at this point), is a good time to focus on clean up. And, I am not sleeping too late or plopped in front of the tv. I am working towards something ... even if it is just more clarity and general organization in my domain.

S sent me this quote today, which he found in the Talk of the Town section of this week's New Yorker:

'I think the impossible may be moving to the inevitable without ever passing through the probable,' Bob Englis, (R, South Carolina).

I think lots of things happen this way. And I certainly hope it happens to me back in New York City with an amazingly and surprisingly awesome job.

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