Friday, December 14, 2012


Emmy wants to play; Cooder wants to veg out.
There's really nothing wrong or even more amiss than usual, but I am sort of grumpy. No reason for it really. Maybe I am not thoroughly awake. I think some of the grumpiness comes from the slight discomfort of it being cold, which only means there are more things to think about and attend to, like scarves and coats and hats and the like. And let us not forget how much I complained about the heat in my Brooklyn apartments. It was always so hot, the windows were opened all winter long. And so it goes. (That should get your toe tapping.)

Louise and I are going up to Connecticut today to work with Jason on Monsterwood, which is really great news as there is much progress on that project. And we have a (winter) mild, sunny day for our excursion. This is not to say there is any money or anything attached, but we are all pleased with the current work. And who knows what the future will bring.

And so my days continue, as yours do, too. This has been  one hell of a tough year for me (and for others) and I can't remember a harder one. I need to get a move on, shower, laundry, clean-up and then pick up Louise. I'll try to write from Connecticut.

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