Thursday, December 27, 2012


Doc in a rare moment of stillness.

Cooder and Emmylou have collars out here in the country, and those collars have bells, and it feels, sometimes, as if I am listening to the cows come in from the fields. I think I mostly like that I hear them meandering around, but I do find it ... odd? I just notice it is all. As I am now sitting far back in a room, I hear them for a bit before they actually arrive at my side.

Cooder's paws.
Word has it that Albert missed his feline compatriots while we were in Queens. Emmy really hates being confined and managed to work her way out of her carrier just before we got off of the freeway. Cooder was somewhat more sanguine, but by the time I had let her out, then put her back in the carrier, back in the car, and the drove her to an ignominious vet appointment, she had pretty much had it with me. The discoloration on her chin is likely due to aging, but the vet thinks she needs several hundred dollars worth of blood work and probably to be on medication for her liver and her slight heart murmur. She is 14.5, so these things are no particular surprise. But I did cry just having her in the doctor's office, knowing that sooner that later we would be in there for her last time.

I am not going to dwell on this right now. I have enough to do to stay positive.

I must have been ready to see folks as I chatted up M and A as M made Dutch Cheese and Potato Soup. You all remember The Vegetarian Epicure, right? That is a well-worn cookbook around these parts. I think I was more of Moosewood cook or maybe The Veg Ep was over my head at some point. All this to say that dinner was delicious and the company was equally sweet. M, A, E and E's boyfriend C, all lingered at the table continuing to snack on the many Christmas treats and just generally laugh.

Wixii the Bernese Mountain Dog, and Doc.

Tomorrow, the Honda goes into the shop to see about a headlamp or electrical short. Saturday, off to Woodstock with Marc to visit folks and see some upstate snow!

Now, it should be to bed before I get myself too revved up to sleep.

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