Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Wooooo. Monday and I slept in. I got up with Mart in the 7s and had my morning sweetness drink, but I knew I needed more sleep. Cooder obliged with her excellent sleeping skills example. I am so pleased and surprised at her adjustment to new surroundings. She only has sweet Albert to contend with, and though he be dog, he is easier to contend with than Emmylou.

I, on the other hand, pine for the young squirmulon.

This moth was trying to get in when I came downstairs. That's the front of the house or rather the foilage in front of the house. 

Saw a terrible car accident on the way back to Brewster yesterday, probably the worst I have ever seen. I even cried.

Tuesday morning. I thought, once again, that I had published this yesterday but I see that I did not complete the task.

I made dinner last night: sauteed kale with onion, garlic, and chicken sausage, quinoa, and a salad made Italian-style wherein the lettuce is salted for five minutes, then dressed with vinegar for five minutes more, then tossed lightly with olive oil and served. SMS made it better as there were no proportions recommended for ingredients, but I will try again.

I drove around a bit yesterday, dropped Richee off at a friends to study physics and play some role game, and also did some marketing ... or shopping as we would now call it. I find that folks drive more slowly than I do. I feel as if I am driving like ... a New Jerseyean! And that's just a short step to calling myself an asshole driver. Just more aggressive.

Cooder just came down to join me in the front room, so she is expanding her territory. I wonder where Albert is.

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