Monday, July 16, 2012


Writing does not come easily these days. I just may still be in some form of shock or maybe I just don't want to be too contemplative and reflective right this minute. Plus, it is too hot for much of anything.

We spent the weekend re-organizing the kitchen. That took quite a bit of time; you might be surprised. Mart and I were pitching out food and integrating my left-over kitchen stuff as well as what I got out from Tim and Missy before they left for California. We might well have enough balsamic vinegar and olive oil to last us the rest of our natural born days. Lots of allspice and nutmeg, ground and in nut form.

In the midst of this, there was a torrrrrrential downpour, complete with cracking thunder. Mart and I did not pay too much never mind, but, fortunately, Jay was vigilant. There was some kind of leak and water was pouring into the basement. And yes, I did have a bunch of stuff down there. Still to early to tell, but my iPod, docking station, and AirPort were all "exposed" to water.

Placed next to my head at the Thai restaurant on Friday night. I could live without ever seeing a troll doll again.

So, today was back to triage, trying to unpack, figure out what was most likely to be water damaged, given the panoply of boxes down there. 

Well, I am giving this up to watch the first episode of this season of Breaking Bad. It is after my bedtime, but I thought I might be able to stay awake to watch. Not so sure now.

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