Thursday, July 12, 2012


Okay. I don't have a lot to say really. This is all a brave new world for me, and I don't know who "me" is. 

In my shock and dismay over my car fiasco, I spent yesterday mostly sleeping and reading Michael Connolly's The Poet for escape. Jay was particularly sweet in trying to cheer me, taking me to the local Farmer's Market and out to lunch at his favorite diner, George's in Carmel, NY. I am not sure I am "cheer-up-able" at this point, but I loved him for trying.

Here is a wall at George's. Arthur Godfrey as a noteworthy celebrity? Martin and Lewis? Where did these come from?

Here are a couple more pictures of the car. Both passenger side windows out (still must finish vacuuming up glass), door and side mirror destroyed. 

As I mentioned, the engine and basic body are a fine as 'twas a tree that stopped the car.

And for those of you who are trying to get a better picture, can you see the grade?

So here's the front yard and the house.

This is the street.

That should keep you occupied for today.


  1. Sit there in that lush green and breathe. We get to stop and breathe. Nothing else. Just stop and breathe.

  2. what the hell happened?

  3. Looks like a very green & pretty place. I like the advice above about stopping & breathing. It appears to be a good place for that.

  4. Generally the pictures on the wall go something like this. Lewis and Martin eat at the restaurant, and the owner asks for an autograph. So the publicity agent sends them the headshots with the autograph, they get framed and there you are. I think.

  5. I think the place looks gorgeous. Find out if they want another roommate. You are living in one of the more beautiful places in the world. Cheer up !