Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This question was addressed to me by Jay about 3:15 or so. I had just come back from a vegetable run to the grocery store and a stop by Home Depot. I had been home long enough to chat with Martha and sit down to work on Occupylive when we heard a thud. Jay, ever vigilant, came around the house from downstairs to see my Honda in the woods, down the hill, parked/stopped by a tree.

More good news right? The car did not roll into the house, which was fortunate. The car was stopped after about 40 feet which was fortunate as it did not go down into a ditch nor did the front end hit anything other than foilage and some rocks. I hear tell that the fact that no one was hurt was good news, too, although at this moment that is disputable in my mind.

Not really sure what to think about all of this, beyond the feeling of being cursed. So, today, I am just reading and sleeping and assimilating.

Albert, before his visit to the groomer.

A nose is a nose is a nose.

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